Why this website?

I can hear you now: “Oh no, not another author website!”

Sorry about that.

But listen, if you’ve filled in as many QueryManager forms as I have, you’ll know plenty of agents ask to see your website. It’s always ‘optional’, but they still ask.

So, taking my cue from that (and from hundreds of other more experienced writers), I decided to make my own. And here it is.

It’s not flashy. There’s not a lot to it. Heck, it doesn’t even have any widgets yet. But it’s here. Hooray!

If you’re interested in what I’m up to as a writer (I probably won’t keep you updated on what I have each day for breakfast, for instance, but the answer is usually Weetabix), do swing by every once in a while. As time goes on, I’ll expand the site by adding more information, resources and content that’ll hopefully make enjoyable and helpful reading, especially if you’re also on the literary trail. Maybe that ‘Projects’ section will start to fill out a bit, too.

And if you’d like to share about your own Work In Progress in the Writers Room, just get in touch. Writing can be a lonesome gig and it’d be good to hear how you’re getting on in your journey. Sharing is caring, ‘n all that.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ D

Feature image: Ana Municio


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